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years ago the company was founded. The company has continued to grow both in terms of the size and the projects. We are mainly active in the Baden-W├╝rttemberg area


internal employees who are not only experts in their field, but who always make an effort to face the upcoming requirements and the greatest complexity. A team that is prepared for every task.


external workers, who are always reliable and put the effort in for the whole construction. Our partners are well-founded and we are happy to work with them.


LIKA AL, headquartered in Bad Boll, Germany, was founded in 2015. Since then, our real estate company has been spreading the real estate market with the greatest intensity all over the country. We strive to make our business more international, but our primary goal remains Stuttgart.

Since the company was founded, we have succeeded in creating a high-quality supplier network that is based on selection criteria, quality checks of our products and professionalism. This enables us to ensure our customers' satisfaction and competitiveness in the long term and to meet deadlines without reducing quality at very competitive prices.

We are not only active as a real estate agent but also as a distributor of diverse and high-quality building materials and products for the construction industry. As a result, the company continued to expand. From technical innovations, excellent management and a sense of responsibility, we have built strong and valuable business relationships with customers and partners, particularly in Switzerland and Norway.

The greatest possible security from the first to the last step of the project and well-founded know-how in production guarantee excellent results, which also sets us apart from the competition. Our real estate company strives for the highest levels of satisfaction and trust from our customers by putting customer requirements in terms of function, costs and adherence to deadlines first and giving high priority to the quality of products and services

Jetmir Likaj

Beg Likaj
Finance and Projectmanagement

Valmir Likaj

Refki Lumi
Object management

Valdet Likaj
Senior Object management

Verona Fanaj
Assistance and office organization